Leg Injury

“Helps with muscle damage due to trauma involving motor vehicle accidents”

How it works?

Receive a comprehensive range of acupuncture, massage therapy, active rehabilitation, and clinical counselling treatments at our clinic with NO USER FEE if you have an ICBC claim number

- within 12 weeks of the accident causing the injury; or

- outside the 12 weeks period but obtained an ICBC claim adjuster's approval for treatment (if not, consult with us as we can talk to ICBC on your behalf)

If unsure, please feel free to contact us anytime.

We will be more than happy to explain!




What do I need to know before my first visit?

Before your appointment, make sure not to eat a heavy meal. Please wear comfortable clothes (i.e. running shorts and T-shirt) and comfortable shoes for exercise (i.e. tennis shoes).


We advise patients to come at least 10 minutes prior to their initial appointment to fill out an information form. Please bring the names and dosages of all medications and dietary supplements that you are taking.

What can I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit, our team will complete an initial evaluation and take baseline measurements. Our kinesiologists will assess your posture and discuss your postural needs to develop an individualised treatment plan according to the postural assessment. They will prescribe specific exercises to modify your poor and/or painful posture, and provide postural advice about correct sitting/standing specific to your occupation, activities and sports. Our acupuncturists will develop treatment plans to help manage any pain during your postural modification process.

Do you offer online sessions?

We understand that some of our clients may not be able to come in for an in-person workshop. We are pleased to offer one-on-one online sessions with our kinesiologists for our clients. Please reach out for further enquiries regarding our online active rehabilitation program.

Is it covered by ICBC? Personal insurance?

For enquiries regarding coverage through your personal insurance plans, please contact your insurance company to check if kinesiology and/or acupuncture is covered under your policy.

Do you offer direct billing?

Olive Tree is pleased to offer direct billing to major insurance companies. Once you provide us with your extended benefits insurance information, we can submit your treatment costs for direct reimbursement, saving you time and reducing your out-of-pocket expenses.

However, not all insurance companies allow for direct billing. If that is the case, we will gladly provide a bill that you may submit directly to your insurance company.