Physical Therapy

“Aids in restoring movement and function after injury, car accident, accumulated muscle and joint pains, or disabilities”

What is
Active Rehabilitation?

Active Rehabilitation, also known as kinesiology, is an individually tailored treatment model that focuses on restoring mobility to injured areas and correcting body mechanics. It is used to fix postural corrections that cause aches and pains, and helps with injuries to joints, soft tissue sprains/strains, and post-operative rehabilitation. It is essential to engage in active rehabilitation in order to recover from soft tissue injuries, such as back or neck injuries. Active rehabilitation is both a teaching experience and a productive recovery session that allows patients to learn the best physical self-care tools tailored for them to get back to enjoying life to its fullest.

How it works?

Active rehabilitation uses progressive exercise and range of motion techniques to help you overcome injuries, pain and discomfort. This also helps to progressively increase your flexibility and build muscle strength. 


Whether you have been in a motor vehicle accident, have sustained a workplace injury, or have a long term disability, active rehabilitation can be used as a safe and effective treatment to help your body repair and recover. 


Thorough, full-body assessments allow kinesiologists to locate and identify any functional limitations and abilities to develop customized treatment plans for each patient. Safe exercise and stretching plans are tailored to each patient and practiced under 1-on-1 supervision of our kinesiologist throughout the whole session, allowing patients to learn the foundations of proper injury care.

Benefits of

Active Rehabilitation

Active rehabilitation therapy can help:

  • Improve overall posture

  • Reduce pain and discomfort

  • Improve cardiac and pulmonary function

  • Increase stamina

  • Reduce muscular imbalance

  • Increase metabolism

  • Reduce risk of falls and future injury

  • Manage chronic or new sports injury

  • Restore range of motion

  • Increase stability and flexibility 

  • Increase energy for daily tasks

Benefits of Kinesiology

For Teens & Children

Kinesiology is a non-invasive, natural therapy used to help children and teenagers keep healthy and in balance. It is safe for all ages, but sessions are recommended for children 10 and over. We determine the age appropriateness of the treatment by looking at the child’s willingness to be physically active for around 30 minutes. 

Kinesiology helps increase brain activity and aids in the development of better cognitive functions for children. This allows for children to think more clearly and experience improvements in their academics. Below are some other areas in which kinesiology can benefit your children:

  • Better Sleep
    Kinesiology can be used to address fears, nightmares, and sleep patterns which will allow your children to gain more peaceful sleep


  • Increased Sporting Performance
    Through stretching and strengthening exercises children can learn to increase and maintain mobility in their joints to continue enjoying their favourite physical activities throughout their development


  • Improved Coordination and Better Balance
    Through energy balancing and personalized exercises, children can improve both fine motor skills and gross motor skills

Our Rates

Active Rehabilitation 60

  • 60 min - $90.00 (+GST)


Active Rehabilitation 40

  • 40 min - $60.00 (+GST)


Kinesiology: ICBC Injury Treatment

40 min NO USER FEE if:

  1. you have the ICBC claim number, and 

  2. within 12 weeks of the accident causing the injury, or outside the 12 weeks period but obtained the ICBC claim adjuster's approval for treatment (if not, consult with us as we can talk to the ICBC on your behalf).

The initial session takes around 30 minutes longer for assessment and consultation.




What do I need to know before my first visit?

Before your appointment, make sure not to eat a heavy meal. Please wear comfortable clothes (e.g. running shorts and T-shirt) and comfortable shoes for exercise (e.g. tennis shoes). Depending on the area of injury/concern (e.g. the knee), you can wear something suitable to expose the treatment area for your initial visit. 

We advise patients to come at least 10 minutes prior to their initial appointment to fill out an information form. Please bring the names and dosages of all medications and dietary supplements that you are taking.

What can I expect on my first visit?

After taking your health history and discussing your current complaints and limitations, the kinesiologist will run a physical assessment which will help assess your movement patterns, baseline strength and flexibility. Together with the kinesiologist, you will develop an exercise-based treatment plan that suits your needs. You will practice safe stretches and exercises under close 1-on-1 supervision of the kinesiologist.

Do you offer online sessions?

We understand that some of our clients may not be able to come in for an in-person session. We are pleased to offer one-on-one online sessions for our clients. Please reach out for further enquiries regarding our online active rehabilitation program.

Is it covered by ICBC? 

You are eligible for 12 pre-authorized active rehabilitation/kinesiology treatments for motor vehicle accident injuries. ICBC will cover treatment for drivers, passengers and/or pedestrians that have been injured in a motor vehicle accident. We will directly bill ICBC for you at no additional cost. If additional treatments are needed, we can contact ICBC on your behalf to seek extended treatments. To proceed under ICBC coverage, please bring your ICBC claim number when you come in to your appointment.

Is it covered by insurance?

For enquiries regarding coverage through your personal insurance plans, please review your insurance policy to find out the extent of your benefit coverage.

Do you offer direct billing?

Olive Tree is pleased to offer direct billing to major insurance companies. Once you provide us with your extended benefits insurance information, we can submit your treatment costs for direct reimbursement, saving you time and reducing your out-of-pocket expenses.

However, not all insurance companies allow direct billing. If that is the case, we will gladly provide a bill that you may submit directly to your insurance company